Spring/summer fashion trends

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Spring/summer fashion trends

Spread_spring summer fashion.jpgSpring into summer fashion

It’s all about pretty pastels, full skirts, bold, pop-art prints and the reign of the LWD, little white dress, as this season.

“Cotton candy pink, lilac and baby blues are really big,” stylist Sophie Hart says.

“Not everyone can wear pastels, it depends on your underlying skin tone because they can washyou out. They tend to suit those with really pale or really tanned skin, it doesn’t work if you’re midway.”

When it comes to print, we’re talking strong, statement designs rather than anything too delicate.

“There’s a lot of art influence, the kind of prints you’d see on bold paintings,” she says.

“Prada did a collection featuring a lot of faces and there’s the Andy Warhol pop-art prints. They’re a new-age print.”

If it’s too avant garde for you, there’s always the option of tropical flora prints, but we’re talking foliage rather than flowers.

“There’s lots of big palm prints, which are very architectural,” Hart says.

“It’s very structural and chic, rather than being pretty and girly.”

Minimalists will be well served this season, with white the non-colour du jour.

“There are a lot of really crisp whites, it’s my personal favourite,” Hart says.

“You’ll find it in clean, cut minimal pieces and there’s lots of lace as well which is really pretty, so it suits different styles.”

A key silhouette this season is the culotte, voluminous trousers that finish mid-calf.

Hart warns it’s a tricky trend to pull off.

“It helps if you’re tall, if not you need a really, really massive wedge,” she says.

“You can still pull it off if you’re legs are shorter, just wear heels, but you have to be long in the torso because that’s where they can cut you off as most styles are high waisted.

“I love that look, white culottes harks back to the glam 50s and I would die to wear it but will avoid it because I don’t have the right shape. The whole point of dressing well is looking good, so if it doesn’t work on you don’t buy into it.”

Another way to channel 50’s glamour is a full circle skirt.

“I love a good 50’s skirt, especially with a nice print. They work really well on a lot of body shapes, but there’s a lot of fabric which can make you look bigger,” Hart says.

“Also be careful of the print. A rule is to avoid big prints if you’re larger, as they can amplify it. Too much negative space between the print creates an illusion that makes you look wider.”

Mules and slides are the new shoe shapes and both can be tricky.

“Sometimes when a shoe is so covered it can look unsexy, so be careful of the heaviness of the mule,” Hart says.

“Black can look clunky, so go for tan leather, white or metallic summer to lighten it.

“The white slide isn’t easy either, they can look mumsy because they are quite wide, so I would I would wear them with denim and keep them casual.”

The new bag shape is the bucket; big, casual and roomy.

“It’s this season’s version of the backpack and it’s a youth-focused piece,” Hart says.
This story was first published in Shop Smart, The Sunday Telegraph, on September 7, 2014

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